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Discover the charm of Italian hospitality with a touch of Dutch warmth in Le Marche. Staying with Dutch hosts in Italy is a unique experience and an unforgettable adventure. Infused with pride and love for their holiday accommodation, Theo and Irma happily share their passion. They enthusiastically talk about their favorite spots, the most remarkable outings in the area, and the most delicious restaurants. Moreover, it's an advantage to communicate in your own language, which saves a lot of hassle if you're not familiar with Italian.

BB Casale di Oto is an elegant luxury B&B, conveniently located in serene surroundings. The city of Senigallia, the promenade, and the sea are nearby. An expansive Mediterranean garden surrounds this little paradise. A large refreshing swimming pool gleams in the radiant sun. The breathtaking view completes the experience.

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Theo & Irma

About us

Theo Irma

Stay with the Dutch:

We are Theo and Irma Bijveld-van Dinther.

Our Italian adventure didn't come out of nowhere. The love for Italy was there, no doubt about it.
But actually moving there is a different story...

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The stay

The B&B

Farmhouse suites
Swimming pool
Delicious wines

Escape the everyday hustle and step into the timeless charm of Bed & Breakfast Casale di Oto, where the history of this enchanting farmhouse blends with modern comfort and amenities.

The roots of our farmhouse reach deep into the past, and every stone breathes the stories of generations of farmers and hardworking families. The old barns and other spaces of Casale di Oto, which means 'farmhouse' in Italian, have been lovingly transformed into charming Farmhouse Suites with private bathrooms. It has been an extensive project, but the result is a harmonious blend of history and modernity.

Zwembadview op de bed & breakfast Casale Di Oto in Le Marche
Gebaseerd op 4 recensies
Yvonne Verstegen
Yvonne Verstegen
We hebben ontzettend genoten! De prijs-kwaliteit is zeer goed! Mooie kamers met goede bedden en een heerlijk ontbijt! Het uitzicht is prachtig als je bij het heerlijk zwembad ligt. Bellissimo 🤩🤩
Jolanda V
Jolanda V
Wat een mooie en fijne plek zeg, heerlijk ontbijt, lekker luxe kamer met inloopdouche en het zwembad met een fantastisch uitzicht! 5 km van zee en centrum vandaan, de combinatie van de rustige ligging van de BenB en het bruisende Senigalia is perfecto!!!
Alberta Hanegraaf
Alberta Hanegraaf
Prachtige plek! Echt een aanrader. Theo en Irma zullen alle gasten zich tot prins en prinses laten voelen 🙏
Vriendelijke en gastvrije mensen, die ontzettend hard werken om het de gasten naar hun zin te maken, aanrader!

The location

Le Marche

Achtergrond uitzicht Bed & breakfast Casale Di Oto

Casale di Oto is nestled in the rolling green hills of the province of Ancona, one of the most picturesque and attractive provinces in Le Marche. From our farmhouse, you can enjoy a panoramic view that stretches across the enchanting surroundings, with its characteristic hills dotted with olive groves and orchards. It's a landscape that invites relaxation and exploration, where time seems to slow down, and where you can savor pure serenity, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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